haad yao

We recently moved to the next beach along from where we were staying, it’s very pretty, i think everywhere on this island is pretty, but…..its a bit lifeless, there seems to be no kids or families about, we are the only ones in our resort. Our resort is lovely with a great pool that Oliver lives in, and there is a really cheap restaurant next door serving tasty food. We have been kayaking and swimming a lot which we are loving but as theres not much life about we have been heading out to the area where we are next staying, a place called Baan Tai, which is a lot livelier, we went to a bar where Oliver met an Irish boy called Torren and they had hours of fun playing Subuteo together, and we chatted to his mum, they are traveling around SE Asia for around 2 months and their next stop is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and then they are on to Indonesia…great stuff. We got chatting to another English guy in a restaurant where we are staying, his been here for years and says that there have been lots of families his met that have done what we are doing, just giving it all up and pissing off…..hahaha love it. Anyway we are looking in to doing an adventure safari….its a one day tour of the island visiting temples, waterfalls, muai Thai boxing centre, fish spa,snorkelling and some other bits you get picked up at about 9am from your resort, includes all drink and buffet lunch all for the price of about £40 for the 3 of us…yipppeeee cant wait, and also theres a full moon on Sunday…..you know what that means on Ko Phangan …….partaaaaaaayyyyy( not quite for us, but it should be fun anyway to see all the youngsters making arses of themselves ) 🙂


enjoying his massage, until she started flinging him around and squishing him....it was hilarious

enjoying his massage, until she started flinging him around and squishing him….it was hilarious

Sorry for only couple of pics but its well late here and the wifi is all but dead…..take care folks hope your all well xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Chaluklum fishing village

We went north yesterday on our little moped and ended up at a very pretty fishing village called Chaluklum, which has a beautiful beach with white sand and crystal clear water, although unfortunately the northern part of the beach there was litter all washed up in the coral….it was pretty sad to see,Oliver turned and said “that’s humans again making a mess”….couldn’t put it better myself my boy….but it was still lovely, we made sand castles, swung on the rope swing which every beach seems to have, and had a little look around. On our way back we came across this beautiful elephant, just standing in someones garden, fanning itself with palm leaves. I researched a lot about the elephants in Thailand back in U.K and one of the things we were looking at doing was having a ride through the jungle, but after reading lots of blogs i have been totally put off the idea, a lot of the mahouts (elephant handlers) use metal picks that they whack into the heads of the elephant to train and direct them,i saw some pretty awful pictures of blood running down elephants faces :(, where they had been hit repeatedly, also there are no elephants native to Koh Phangan, so they have been shipped over just for the benefit of tourist, …so after some more research it seems the best way to experience elephants is in the north of Thailand, in Chiang Mai, they have conservation projects,where you spend the whole day with an elephant and his mahout, feeding, washing and swimming with the elephant..sounds good eh ?
anyways hope your all good, we been chilling out today, no swimming,no snorkelling,no mopeding,no exploring….nothing just sitting in our hut vegetating and writing this post ha…bliss….





Homeschooling-Phangan style and the last few days

So what does homeschool look like when your traveling?, what has Oliver been learning these past few weeks of travel?, he has been asking lots and lots of questions mostly to do with different countries, foods, languages, insects,animals etc.
He has met and made friends with thai kids, burmese kids, aussie kids, german kids, he has tasted mangosteen and rambruteen fruits and ate sticky rice balls whilst in a very vibrant asian market, he has snorkelled and seen tiny hermit crabs, spiky black sea urchins, large sea slugs/cucumbers, a host of different coloured fish and sea creatures, he has seen huge ants feast on a butterfly, he has seen a ton of different species of butterfly he has traveled by plane,coach,car,tuk tuk, catamaran, moped and train, his little butt and cheeks have been pinched millions of times by friendly thai girls, he’s haggled with market stall holders etc etc the list goes on with all the learning and questions…..we also DO the academic learning, we have a little routine, we wake in the morning have brekkie on our porch and then get stuck into the travel journal(thanks Kate) to write about the previous days highlights, we then read a few pages of his reading book, we then do some times tables/maths etc,he also has just started facebook were he is uploading his pictures and writing to his friends online, we also have puzzle word search books that we do and Oliver enjoys, we prob spend 30-45 minutes doing this and thats it …oh and we are reading famous five- 5 go off in a caravan…my favourite:)
so thats how our schooling is going…..

We think the bug Dave had in Bangkok didn’t clear properly ( we only got 4 days of antibiotics), and think it came back really bad, as we ended up in the local hospital at 11pm the other night, Dave was put on a drip for an hour to get anti-biotics in his system…..sounds dramatic but he was fine just very pooy and pukey. It was very surreal dave was in a room behind us getting his drip and me and Oliver were sitting with the doctors and nurses all watching the footie in this little waiting room on some ancient T.V ha ha only in Asia….very chilled and relaxed. The guys we are staying with were great they drove us all the way to town, to the hospital and refused to leave us, so the young guy who drove sat and waited for us the whole time we were there so he could drive us back…….love the Thais…..



mopeds,massages and moving sooner then thought

We thought we had our little bungalow for 1 month, but the thai guy who checked us in, thought we said 1 week , and unfortunately they are already booked out for the full moon party, so i have been searching online for a place to live for a few weeks and found one with a pool set up in the side of some cliffs in the next beach along from us(about 5 minutes on moped). We also have hired a moped we wasn’t sure about hiring one as accidents are pretty common and so are the scams (any little scratch you have, you have to pay extortionate rates to get fixed), you also have to leave your passport as guarantee, so we wasn’t going to get one, but we met some Irish guy who co-owns a bike shop(who incidentally was recommended to us prior to meeting him on tripadvisor…spooky) so we have gone ahead an hired one. Dave has been driving really slowly and carefully so we have been around the local area, not too far yet as Dave still getting used to the driving, everyone drives mopeds here but the roads are so quite and we all wear helmets(we seem to be the only ones that do :). We also had a lovely,long massage on the beach today a full hour for about a fiver, it was bliss, after they finish pummelling your muscles they plop you in front of a huge,cooling fan with a cup of green tea and fruit, i sat there for ages looking out to sea totally chilled….love it ….
Hope your all well , and sorry again for lack of pics….

Beautiful Phangan

Ko Phangan is stunning, we are staying on a beach surrounded by beautiufl,green jungle, it really is lovely. We have been staying at a nice place called Haad Salad Villas, but can only stay for 2 more weeks as they are fully booked for the full moon party, so we will be moving ,hopefully just along the beach to another little resort. The next full moon party is around 10th July, and we will probably go from around 7pm for an hour or so just to see what this world famous all-nighter is about( we wont be drinking:( ), a few travelling families i have been in contact with have taken their kids and said that it’s pretty tame at this time. We have made friends with a young aussie family, Oliver and their daughter have been hanging out, we actually went to their posh resort for a swim in their pool this morning….bloody gorgeous….so our days are lazy with snorkelling,eating,swimming,drinking …..pure bliss….hope you guys are all ok back in England ,seems like ages ago we left but it not even 2 weeks ha take care and put some pics up soon :).

The runs, the del boys, trots, dehli belly etc etc (don’t read if eating or have sensitive belly)

We found our seats for our 12 hr overnight train journey to Surat Thani, we then had a coach trip of about 1hr to the port and then a 45 minute catamaran to Ko Phangan…one epic trip ….one nightmare with a runny arse :)…although Dave started to feel better as we were waiting to set off,for me it was just the beginning i sat down for all of about 5 minutes when i got an horrendous griping,twisting pain in the pit of my stomach…something was coming out and it wasn’t waiting , i look at Dave and said “Bangkok belly” ran to the toilet,and can you believe it, when all you want is a nice clean toilet seat with soft Andrex loo roll , i got a squat toilet the size of a postage stamp,but it did have loo roll(thank god) anyway i didn’t really care at that point whipped my shorts down hovered,gripping on to the basin,sweat dripping from me and shat everything i’ve eaten since leaving England lol ……horrendous…but not only that i looked down thinking that it goes into some container..oh no this is Thailand….. straight out onto the tracks..hahaha somewhere on Hualompong train station in central Bangkok is my runny turd …nice. I felt fine the rest of the journey to Ko Phagnan so dont think it was the same bug as Dave had…anyway we are all good enjoying Ko Phagnan. will add some pics later hope you all well xxxxxxxxx

bloody crappy internet

Sorry the pictures just don’t want to download for some reason a real pain in the arse, We had a lovely evening at Asiateque the other night, a riverside shopping/eating/leisure plaza with a big wheel called the Bangkok eye,me and Oliver had a fish spa which was really good Oliver loves them and keeps begging to have another one as they are everywhere, and i purchased a very stylish hat to hide my monstrosity of a hairstyle(dry,frizzy etc) ….. we also purchased our train tickets to ko phagnan from the main train station in Bangkok and are due to leave sat eve/tonight ……but we have one small problem Dave has spent the whole of yesterday and last night with Bangkok belly…lots of shitting through an eye of a needle, but no sickness,so I’m off to the chemist to get him some charcoal, apparently it helps soak up what ever it is his eaten/ingested, we have some dyralite and see how we go…me and Oliver have been fine, there has been only one dish that Dave has ate that i haven’t so that could be the culprit. Anyway his fine and hopefully will improve during today….Bangkok belly grrrrrrrrrrr.
Got back from chemist with antibiotics and immodium, don’t think immodium wise as it won’t flush out the bug, but at least he can use it as a plug for the train trip later this evening….. god knows what the toilets on the train will be like but by what Dave is producing at the moment they will be destroyed in minutes hehehehe. We could stay another couple of days here to ride it out but Dave wants to get to Ko Phagnan….got a feeling it’s going to be a long couple of days 🙂 sorry again about no pics but wanted to write and let everyone know how things are xxxxxxx