Baby Freddie, Laos and coming home

So I’m now officially a grandmother (hehehehehehehehee) to a lovely, gorgeous little man Freddie, born on 13/10/2014, i missed the birth by one day, but hey all went well in the end and he arrived safe and sound. Georgia and Simon are doing well and it was great spending the full 3 weeks i was back with them. I had a bit of a drama coming back delayed flight/lost bags etc etc but all ended fine and we went off to Laos the day after getting back.
We spent a beautiful 2 days cruising down the Mekong River, going from Chiang Khong in Thailand all the way down to the beautiful Laos town of Luang Prabang……..Laos is stunning, relaxing to the point of being comatose, and on the main part pretty easy to travel around. I had read some horror stories of the bus trips travelling through Laos (they have no train system, and the roads are pretty basic)and one of the main trips with the most problems i’d read was the bus from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng (where we are now), maniac drivers, travel sickness prone roads,or no roads at all…… we loved it, it really was a beautiful journey through stunning karst system mountains, little villages and tiny dust roads…it was truly beautiful and never felt un-safe or un-well at all, i guess it depends on the driver of the bus on how well your journey goes but for us all was well and good. We are in Vang Vieng, a little town in the Laos countryside, and all i can say is we have taken relaxation to a new, unexplored level OMG……we gonna have a shock when we get back to the Uk :). I love Thailand its funky, happy,easy-going, pretty westernised, but Laos is something else, i can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s definitely my favourite place I’ve ever visited on planet earth hahahaha…we’re loving it….Oliver has a ton of friends here too he is out playing with them till late at night digging in the dirt, playing lego ,riding bikes and having a blast , we really are gonna find saying goodbye to Laos hard :(.
We are back in Thailand on the 3rd Dec for a couple of weeks then thats it…..thats our Eyre family adventure finished and done, but wow what a time we’ve had its been amazing, more then we ever thought it would be…
anyway this will be the last post whilst travelling but will hopefully feel like writing about how it feels to be back once we’re home anyway guys see you all soon ………..xxxxxxxxxxx ps got this one pic of Freddie and will leave it at that cause as usual up-loading pics on the wifi is hideous 🙂

Beautiful Freddie ;0 love that little face :)

Beautiful Freddie ;0 love that little face 🙂