Sorry i’ve not posted on here for a while….the blog’s been put on the back burner a bit , its not like i’ve not got the time to write hahaha, its just were not doing anything spectacular ;). Our days are filled with swimming, finding new places to eat ( my favourite activity), markets, parks, malls,temples, massages and school work 🙂 . We did have a little road trip/ fishing trip to a little mountain town on the border with Burma called Pai, we had such a good time ….. we even managed to catch pacu piranha and mekong catfish, Oliver loved it, it was so peaceful and the scenery through the mountains was gorgeous. I’m back for 3 weeks on the 14th yipeeeeee, cant wait Georgia is doing well she’s on maternity leave from work and relaxing, i just hope the little monkey waits until i’m back before making an appearance, i’ve told her to keep her legs crossed . When i return to Chiang Mai we have to leave for Laos the very next day as Dave and Oliver’s visa expire. We are booked on a 2 day cruise along the Mekong River,to Luang Prabang, where we will be staying for 7 nights, we shall explore a bit more of Laos before heading back in to Thailand for the last 2 weeks of our adventure, before returning to the UK on December 15th :).and lastly sorry there’s no bloody pictures again, the wifi here is fine for surfing, but downloading pictures is crap, so unfortunately I’m gonna have to bore the shit out of you guys with our ton of pictures and movies we’ve taken when i’m back hahahaha…..hope your all well…see you soon xxxx