loving Chiang mai

Hi guys hope your all well, we are fine we’re all still enjoying beautiful Thailand. We have been chilling, sight seeing,eating,drinking and being very merry :). Im looking forward to coming back on the 14th October for 3 weeks, the time has flown since coming out here,it only seems five minutes ago that we were saying our goodbyes to everyone, and to think its been just over 3 months, I’m really missing my Georgie porgie it will be so good to see her :). We have also just booked our flight from Bangkok to Oslo, but we’re not sure yet weather to fly straight to France, (we’re staying there for xmas) or coming back to UK for a few days and then going to France, it depends if George,Simon and baby are coming to France for xmas….will see 🙂
I will put some pics up soon, bloody internet is crap for up-loading photos xxxxxxx


2 thoughts on “loving Chiang mai

  1. God here we go with christmas discussions hey cant believe gotta start shopping ect… fletch bday nxt month hes having cinema party will miss oliver not being there… cant wait to see you ♥ glad to here u chilling and loving it out there must be like a 2nd home now!!! Make sure u get in touch as soon as u back so can get 2gether.. miss u all xxxxx

    • hey hun, i know bloody time is going way to fast, and will defo be catching up when im back, what football team does fletch support, was gonna get him a footie kit, they so cheap here lol xxx but it depends on who he supports cause they only really have chelsea,arsenal,liverpool and man u let me know xx

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