Johor Baru, Legoland and Batu Caves

We have spent so much time on trains, its a good job we all like train travel:) we travelled from KL down to Legoland in Johor Baru, in southern Malaysia, it was awesome, they have the regular Legoland and next door there is the Legoland water-park, it was so good,as it was a week day there was no queues or waiting around so we got on all the rides, some more then once, we also stayed at a hotel called KSL resort, it has the best swimming park i’ve ever seen, it has life size,moving dinosaurs, Oliver was one happy bunny :). We headed back to KL, we had a bit of drama getting our visas, we found out that the Thai visa laws had changed whilst we have been travelling, basically you cant do visa runs anymore, so we had to go back to Kuala Lumpur for 3 days to get it all sorted out. We went to Batu Caves,an old hindu temple/shrine,which is around 1/2 hr train trip from KL with and there’s around 300 steps going up into a cave,there were lots of monkeys around and they are not scared of humans at all and some were stealing peoples drinks and crisps, it was so funny πŸ™‚ . We are back in Bangkok now for 3 days, we have had a 2 day epic train journey through Malaysia and southern Thailand to get here, and then we are off to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand on Monday…. phew, anyway just a quick post, will write some more when we settled in Chiang Mai hope you all ok, missing everyone loads…..xxxxxxxx





part of Legoland water-park, it has tons of slides and flumes :)

part of Legoland water-park, it has tons of slides and flumes πŸ™‚

sorry will post some more pics in Chiang mai, bloody internet at hotel is crud πŸ™‚

our awesome dino pool from out hotel window

our awesome dino pool from out hotel window






2 thoughts on “Johor Baru, Legoland and Batu Caves

  1. Fletch said wow cant believe u had pic with wildstyle, think she wearing wrong top but mayb thats cos their in Thailand (hahaha cracked me up)…. you guys been well busy look forward to hearing more.. take care speak soon xxxxx

    • hahahaha tell him thats thai clothes shes wearing ;). hope you guys are all ok, we good just been really busy heading to chiang mai 2mo to settle for a few weeks, spk soon hun xxxx

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