Kuala Lumpur

We got to KL early on Monday morning, after an overnight sleeper train from Hat Yai, in southern Thailand. I didn’t know much about Malaysia to be honest as we are just here to take Oliver to Legoland. We met a young Malay couple on the train who were so kind, they wrote down some Malay words to get us by, and some info on travelling around KL by public transport they even asked us to visit their town in Malaysia πŸ™‚ .
Malaysia is a predominately Muslim country, and as you travel south down through Thailand into Malaysia, the Buddhist temples change to mosques and you see a lot more women with headscarfs,the houses seem more concrete then wood and because Malaysia is an old British colonial country the majority of Malays speak english as a 2nd language.
We headed to Chinatown and bloody hell the shopping is amazing, the Malaysian’s do love their shopping there are massive malls everywhere you go, we are thinking of sending a big box of goodies home :).
We visited the huge Petronas twin towers, we couldn’t get tickets to go up but went to the science centre that is attached to the huge mall underneath the towers, wow what a great morning, it cost us around Β£9 for all of us to get in. The science centre is really cool with lots of interactive displays and rides, and lots of educational information from environmental to space, to dinosaurs and countries, the place had everything, we were there around 3 hours but we rushed the last bit, you could easily spend the whole day there, there is a cafe half way round that is so cheap , we paid about 20p for coffee, we had to rush because we had booked afternoon tea, at the revolving 360 degrees restaurant at the top of the Menara tower. The Menara tower stands at 365 meters and you zoom up to the top in less then 50 seconds……wow what a view, although it is a bit unnerving being that high, Dave hated it lol. we bought tickets for afternoon tea to include the trip up to the observation deck, we had sandwiches,cakes,samosas, scones, tea,squash etc and cost about Β£26 for the 3 of us not bad considering The Shard in London costs that alone for one person.
We went to get our Thai visas sorted out at the Thai Embassy, we paid a rip-off cabby to get there, we didn’t know it but it was the Thai queens birthday and was bloody shut arrrggggghhh, this was one of the reasons for coming here, so we think we are going to go back to Thailand and get the free 30 day visa and probably go to Vientiene in Laos to get the longer 60 day visa. We are off to Johour Baru tomorrow for Legoland, its a city on the border of Singapore, it’s a 7 hour train journey and are staying just down the road from Legoland, where we are going to on Friday.
We are also going to decide this month whether we are all going to come back in October :(. Im booking flights back to be with Georgia and baby, she has her extra scan at the end of the month to make sure the placenta has moved and will find out if she can have a natural birth, and although we don’t want to end the adventure, we might be running a bit low on funds by that point, we have found we are crap at sticking to a budget :), we could stretch the cash until March, but thats living basic and not doing all the things we want to do 😦 so you might be seeing us sooner then planned πŸ˜‰
Anyway guys hope your all good miss you all.

at the top eeeekkkk

at the top eeeekkkk

going into the petronas science centre, check out my barnet, scruffy cow :)

going into the petronas science centre, check out my barnet, scruffy cow πŸ™‚

science centre fun

science centre fun

petronas twin towers

petronas twin towers


having afternoon tea at the top of the Menara tower...how very civilised lol

having afternoon tea at the top of the Menara tower…how very civilised lol


2 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur

  1. Wow sounds amazziiinnnggg!!! Cant believe how much youve done already think its bout time u came home!! (Only jokin, even thou cant wait to c u all hear all about it)… Ah wandered how George doing bet u cant wait to come back and c her…. keep us posted missing you all β™₯ xxxx

    • hey hun, yeah we been so busy last 10 days we a bit worn out, the rules on visas for thailand have changed in the last wk so have come back to Kuala Lumpur for 3 days to sort it all out..pain in arse, cant wait to get back to thailand, been good in malaysia went to legoland was awesome will put some pics up soon, anyway chick hope your all well and enjoying your time off work and the school holidays πŸ™‚ take care xxxx

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