Saying goodbye to friends and our new place in Thong Sala

We have been staying at a place called First Villa, it is run by the most lovely lady called Bobo and her aunty, they have been so lovely to us, Oliver calls Bobo his Thai mummy :), it was so sad saying goodbye, heres Oliver with the beautiful Bobo below.


We also said goodbye to our lovely friends a Swiss/German family- Marcus, Gabby and their son Leon.


I have not posted for a bit because i’ve been ill with food poisoning….god damn Thai food, im fine now, but jesus was i ill, i was getting a bit blasΓ© about eating street food, and was eating everything and anything lol and got unlucky, but all’s well now and i will be a bit more cautious in future.
We have moved to a place just up the road from First Villa, its in Thong Sala (the main town) called Lime n Soda and its great with nice pool,on the beach, nice staff and a good hut, it’s a bit of a party resort and they have a big shindig going on tonight, so no sleep for us :). We have been exploring the island today, visiting a Buddhist temple, and the largest yang tree in Thailand, we rode up into the mountains, the air was so cool and fresh, it was lovely. Anyway hope you guys are all ok, we only have 6 more nights on beautiful Phangan, and then we hit Malaysia…woop woop

Dave and Oliver synchronised bombers

Dave and Oliver synchronised bombers

our new home :)

our new home πŸ™‚

making merit at the local buddhist temple

making merit at the local buddhist temple



5 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to friends and our new place in Thong Sala

  1. Hey u guys πŸ™‚ was starting to wander why not heard for so long!
    Glad u ok now and that hasnt interupted to much in your adventures… u sounding more and more at home now the 3 of u the whole experience sounds amazing love hearing all about your adventures.
    Half term now hear so keeping busy with kids luckily weather been lovely so most days hiking or bike riding, today going down to beach to meet some friends at one of their beach huts πŸ™‚ Am off work for next 2 weeks so lot planned…
    Missing you all, takr care and lot of love β™₯ xxx

    • hey hun
      Hows you guys, jesus christ marie i was soooo ill i literally was heaving so much i nearly fainted ha that will teach me. WOOP WOOP 2weeks off work ..lovely mate, is the weather still good? awwww miss you guys we usually meet up during the summer, we gonna decide at the end of month if we are all going to come back October or if we going to stay for as long as poss, we been going through the cash :0, we just been doing everything that we want to do and not really sticking to the budget, so we shall see, im booking my flight back to be with george for the birth at end of month for October……anyway love you enjoy your time off and will spk soon, Oliver says give a high five to fletch πŸ™‚ xxxxxx

  2. Hi Bev. Glad you are feeling better. Loving reading this blog, the photos are great to see. Karen and I and girls and George are going to knockhatch one day this week as they staying with Spencer and I for the week. Will miss you and Oliver with us there this year….its sort of become an annual for us all now hasn’t it?! πŸ™‚ Enjoy your last few days in Phanagn and look forward to hearing all about Maylasia. Love Clare, Spencer and George xxx

    • hey hun,
      how are you guys and i cant believe we are gonna miss the annual knockhatch meet :(, well have a fab time and say hi to Karen and the girls for me, i hope George is doing ok i see you got a diagnosis for him, at least you know hun, is he looking forward to starting school September……i bet you will cry 😦 anyway chick catch up soon take care xxxxxxxxx

      • Hey Bev. Wasn’t the same without you and oliver 😦 Was a lovely week but quite stressful as we only have a 2 bed flat and us all crammed in….fun though πŸ™‚ Yeah George just needs some physio and insloes made. He is looking forward to school but im going to really miss him…yes I will cry!! Hope you’re all well. Spk soon lots of love us 3 xxxxx

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