Baan Tai and planning our Malaysian adventure

We have been in Baan Tai for a few days, just chilling, meeting other travellers and drinking beer :). We have also been going to The Big C, which is an air conditioned mall quite a bit too, Oliver has made friends with a Thai boy there, and they charge around the place playing whatever make believe game they are playing :), its so good to see how they play, they don’t speak a word of each others language but they play the same games and get on well…
Oliver’s been doing his school work everyday, and i’ve got to say his spelling, writing and maths are noticeably improving, which i’m really pleased about as we are only putting in about an hour per day, but that is everyday including saturdays and Sundays, the only day schools out is moving day :). I also think of all the things he is learning thats not recorded on paper or spoken out loud, all the sights,smells and experiences of each day, all the different people he is meeting and talking to from every corner of the world..its all learning and a lot of that learning could never ever be taught in school.
Im also looking at getting our train tickets to Kuala Lumpur, booking hotels and getting info on Legoland, we are only staying in Malaysia for around 2 weeks, to go to Legoland and to see the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. We might pop over to Singapore, as Legoland is literally on the border of Malaysia and Singapore, so all exciting stuff, but we don’t want to leave Ko Phangan …’s sooooo lovely anyone wanting to visit Thailand should head here…its gorgeous.






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