rainforest adventure

I had seen this 1 day tour advertised around the island, and another travelling family i’m in touch with done it when they were on Ko Phangan, and raved about it, so we booked it up. The full tour consists of a muay thai gym visit, Chinese temple, hike to a waterfall, snorkelling, archery,herbal sauna and spa, zip-lining and elephant trekking. We chose the option to not do zip-lining (Oliver was too small), and elephant trekking.
We got picked up at around 9.30 and drove too the start point where we met up with all the other guys going on the tour. We had coffee, water,fruit biscuits to help ourselves before we got going. We 1st headed to a Mauy Thai gym, which was awesome, Dave and Oliver got picked to spar with some bad ass Mauy Thai fighter…it was soooooo cool. Our guide we had was so funny and chatty and when we went to the Chinese temple, he discussed in length about Thai culture, it was really interesting, he talked about the respect Thais have for their parents, and how many young boys become monks to gain merit for themselves and family. We then visited a waterfall and then a great snorkelling site, then we were taken to the an area where they done the archery,zip-lining and elephant trekking. We saw 3 beautiful elephants, but i felt so sorry for them, their mahout were using the pick sticks to control them, they looked so sad. I bought some bananas to feed them, and can honestly say and i know it sounds corny , that it was one of the best experiences in my life, just to be so close to these big, beautiful creatures was amazing, and i cant wait to get to Chaing Mai to spend the day caring and looking after them in a much nicer environment, Oliver shit himself though when he got near to them hehehehehe.
We also had yummy Thai buffet, all the water,sprite,coke etc you can drink throughout the day, and the last thing we done was a herbal spa sauna which was a lovely way to end the day……awesome







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