Full Moon Party……

We were debating on whether or not to go to the party, we didn’t know how wild it was going to be and whether it’s suitable for kids…..anyway we went and wowwwwwwwza what an experience. We got to Haad Rin beach at around 6pm, it was still light and all along the beach they were setting up sound systems and bucket bars ( the young crowd drink from kids sand castle buckets with every different alcohol concoction under the sun). We found a beautiful bar high in the hills looking down on the beach, and watched as the 1000’s of people started to party,apparently there is an influx of around 20-30,000 people turn up for the few days each month to go the party. As the sun goes down the lights go on, the music gets louder, there’s fire shows and dancers doing there thing and the atmosphere is awesome. Oliver had his hair dyed blue, day-glo tattoo’s and some day-glo glasses, he was dancing around and enjoying all the attention he was getting …bloody show off that kid :). Dave even done the fire skipping rope where people run into the centre of a petrol soaked fire rope and skip until
A: they jump out successfully or
B: get the hairs on your ankles fried…..
Dave managed to get out without drama, which is weird cause if something is gonna happen it will happen to Dave lol.
We left around 8.45 as things started to get messy and we were happy and buzzing from the couple of hours we had….we’re pleased we went and experienced one of the biggest rave’s on the planet….






4 thoughts on “Full Moon Party……

    • awwww thank you angelica, how are you guys? what you been up to?. We are loving Thailand, apart from Dave having a dodgy belly, guess what i didnt get round to buying before we left and have ended up buying those bloody acidophilus pills you advise and they are working…..you should be a bloody travel doctor hahahahaha. xxxx take care and look forward to hearing from you xxxx

  1. Awesome loving the partttyyy atomsphere bet its friggin brilliant ★ That pic of u so pretty look at u ♥ Loving Oliver blue hair… you all look like your having a ball love to u all xxxx

    • cheers hun, it was such a good night and up until we left it’s really kid friendly. How did Ebs birthday go, i hear the weather has been good did he get to use his b’day present. Hope you guys good, we moved again yesterday so just settling in, we got a really good deal on this place, we here for 2 weeks, will put some pics up.Say hi to Fletch, bet he cant wait for the holidays xxxxxx

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