yaaaay some pics

yummy mangosteen taste divine :)

yummy mangosteen taste divine 🙂


our little bungalow

our little bungalow






mopeds,massages and moving sooner then thought

We thought we had our little bungalow for 1 month, but the thai guy who checked us in, thought we said 1 week , and unfortunately they are already booked out for the full moon party, so i have been searching online for a place to live for a few weeks and found one with a pool set up in the side of some cliffs in the next beach along from us(about 5 minutes on moped). We also have hired a moped we wasn’t sure about hiring one as accidents are pretty common and so are the scams (any little scratch you have, you have to pay extortionate rates to get fixed), you also have to leave your passport as guarantee, so we wasn’t going to get one, but we met some Irish guy who co-owns a bike shop(who incidentally was recommended to us prior to meeting him on tripadvisor…spooky) so we have gone ahead an hired one. Dave has been driving really slowly and carefully so we have been around the local area, not too far yet as Dave still getting used to the driving, everyone drives mopeds here but the roads are so quite and we all wear helmets(we seem to be the only ones that do :). We also had a lovely,long massage on the beach today a full hour for about a fiver, it was bliss, after they finish pummelling your muscles they plop you in front of a huge,cooling fan with a cup of green tea and fruit, i sat there for ages looking out to sea totally chilled….love it ….
Hope your all well , and sorry again for lack of pics….

Beautiful Phangan

Ko Phangan is stunning, we are staying on a beach surrounded by beautiufl,green jungle, it really is lovely. We have been staying at a nice place called Haad Salad Villas, but can only stay for 2 more weeks as they are fully booked for the full moon party, so we will be moving ,hopefully just along the beach to another little resort. The next full moon party is around 10th July, and we will probably go from around 7pm for an hour or so just to see what this world famous all-nighter is about( we wont be drinking:( ), a few travelling families i have been in contact with have taken their kids and said that it’s pretty tame at this time. We have made friends with a young aussie family, Oliver and their daughter have been hanging out, we actually went to their posh resort for a swim in their pool this morning….bloody gorgeous….so our days are lazy with snorkelling,eating,swimming,drinking …..pure bliss….hope you guys are all ok back in England ,seems like ages ago we left but it not even 2 weeks ha take care and put some pics up soon :).

The runs, the del boys, trots, dehli belly etc etc (don’t read if eating or have sensitive belly)

We found our seats for our 12 hr overnight train journey to Surat Thani, we then had a coach trip of about 1hr to the port and then a 45 minute catamaran to Ko Phangan…one epic trip ….one nightmare with a runny arse :)…although Dave started to feel better as we were waiting to set off,for me it was just the beginning i sat down for all of about 5 minutes when i got an horrendous griping,twisting pain in the pit of my stomach…something was coming out and it wasn’t waiting , i look at Dave and said “Bangkok belly” ran to the toilet,and can you believe it, when all you want is a nice clean toilet seat with soft Andrex loo roll , i got a squat toilet the size of a postage stamp,but it did have loo roll(thank god) anyway i didn’t really care at that point whipped my shorts down hovered,gripping on to the basin,sweat dripping from me and shat everything i’ve eaten since leaving England lol ……horrendous…but not only that i looked down thinking that it goes into some container..oh no this is Thailand….. straight out onto the tracks..hahaha somewhere on Hualompong train station in central Bangkok is my runny turd …nice. I felt fine the rest of the journey to Ko Phagnan so dont think it was the same bug as Dave had…anyway we are all good enjoying Ko Phagnan. will add some pics later hope you all well xxxxxxxxx

bloody crappy internet

Sorry the pictures just don’t want to download for some reason a real pain in the arse, We had a lovely evening at Asiateque the other night, a riverside shopping/eating/leisure plaza with a big wheel called the Bangkok eye,me and Oliver had a fish spa which was really good Oliver loves them and keeps begging to have another one as they are everywhere, and i purchased a very stylish hat to hide my monstrosity of a hairstyle(dry,frizzy etc) ….. we also purchased our train tickets to ko phagnan from the main train station in Bangkok and are due to leave sat eve/tonight ……but we have one small problem Dave has spent the whole of yesterday and last night with Bangkok belly…lots of shitting through an eye of a needle, but no sickness,so I’m off to the chemist to get him some charcoal, apparently it helps soak up what ever it is his eaten/ingested, we have some dyralite and see how we go…me and Oliver have been fine, there has been only one dish that Dave has ate that i haven’t so that could be the culprit. Anyway his fine and hopefully will improve during today….Bangkok belly grrrrrrrrrrr.
Got back from chemist with antibiotics and immodium, don’t think immodium wise as it won’t flush out the bug, but at least he can use it as a plug for the train trip later this evening….. god knows what the toilets on the train will be like but by what Dave is producing at the moment they will be destroyed in minutes hehehehe. We could stay another couple of days here to ride it out but Dave wants to get to Ko Phagnan….got a feeling it’s going to be a long couple of days 🙂 sorry again about no pics but wanted to write and let everyone know how things are xxxxxxx

Journey to the land of smiles

Well it turned out to be a bit of an epic journey with an unexpected stop in Calcutta,8 hrs into the flight the captain makes an announcement, asking if there is a doctor on board……mmmmmmm interesting, didnt’ think more of it and carried on watching the amazing inflight entertainment system on board the new Boeing Dreamliner, after another hour or so and only 2.5 hrs away from landing the pilot makes an announcement that due to the deterioration of the poorly gentlemen we have to make an emergency landing in Calcutta….arrgggggghhhh. We land at the airport (if you can call it that :)) and the pilot said it should all take about 1/2 hr to sort out Norwegian aiways payment to the airport and all the rest of the bureaucracy that comes with landing at an airport unplanned. we sit and we sit, a now very pissed off pilot comes over the speaker stating that the Indian authorities will not let us leave ……wtf, he then states we also cannot disembark the plane …wtf…The poor cabin crew were so good with bringing food and water, even though they should of finished their shift several hours ago. Eventually after 7 hrs …..yes 7 bloody hrs of sitiing on the Indian tarmac/gravel/potholes the pilot comes on and says that the Norwegian embassy/government has sorted things out and we can leave, a massive roar and clapping came from the 300+ passengers on board…and we take off…..jesus christ what a drama.

We got to Bangkok really weary and got a taxi to Khao San Rd, as soon as we arrived the adreniline kicked in and we went for a walk….what an atmosphere with music, chatting, the smells it’s a full on attack on your senses. We found a little street food place, dave ordered omelette and i had chicken pad thai 2 large chang beer oliver had rice and fish and fruit shake,it was delicious and all for the bargain price £4.50 yippeeeeeeeee.
We left the next morning to go to another hotel next to the Chao Phrya River, and its lovely with a massive pool, the riverside with it’s rice barges and fishing boats,massage places …stunning we are here for next few days while we sort out train tickets to Ko Phagnan. Oliver has been swimming all afternoon until it gets dark, his found some geckos and huge snails, he made friends with a little asian boy, and oh yeah the thai women love him, they keep grabbing his cheeks and squeaking when he says sawatdeeka (hello) or krup kun ka(thank you), one even pinched his bum…Daves is extremely jealous lol
Anyway here are some photos of the past few days…hope you are all well.:)

oslo hotel

oslo hotel

jetlagged hehehehe

jetlagged hehehehe

new attire from khao san road for about £2 :)

new attire from khao san road for about £2 🙂

sorry there isn’t more pictures but having at bit of trouble with the hotel wifi, will post more when connection better been sitting here just doing this page for about 2 hrs, cutting into my food,pool and beer time 😉 ….take care xxxxxxxxx

my beautiful daughters baby shower

Georgias baby shower was great, lots of laughing,lots of tears but a lovely way to say goodbye to my lovely girl, and the rest of my wonderful family and friends. Thanks to everyone that came and made it a special evening and for all the amazing gifts they received…..that is one spoilt little bubba 🙂

gorgeous georgeous and lovely fella simon

gorgeous georgeous and lovely fella simon


my lovely mummy and lovely aunty carol....nutters

my lovely mummy and lovely aunty carol….nutters

Mummy number 2 made this lovely cake lisa makes smashing cakes for any occasion she made olivers one below if anyone wants fantastic looking and tasty cakes then look up the cake mix on Facebook (nice plug there lis ;).)



I didnt get many photos when everyone was there as i was too busy being the hostess with the mostest, but it was such a lovely evening and just want to say thank you to everyone for coming and that i love my daughter and will miss her loads…oh shit im crying……again 🙂

keith the kestrel……

Oliver found a baby kestrel, there is a nest in the barn which Oliver has been watching all week, and luckily one of the babies flew down and perched in a tree and wouldn’t budge so we was able to get quite close to it.
we have also visited Ferte Mace a town with a beautiful lake with beach and park, so we had a dip and spent the day there which was lovely, we have been fishing in a stream with no fish:) and Oliver got an electric guitar lesson from granddad cant believe we been here nearly 2 weeks and will be back in Hastings late on Monday………