Oliver and friend at Knockhatch Adventure park

Well we de-registered Oliver from school at the beginning of the month and it’s been bloody mad and a massive learning curve( but all good). We have been on non stop field trips over the last 8 weeks  with a little bit of maths, a few science experiments, lots of reading and tons of physical exercise.

I have read so many Home Ed blogs and forums over the last few years to get advice and ideas on all matters Home Ed that I’ve got a bit overwhelmed with all the different types of education philosophies  out there, what should we be teaching Oliver how should we teach it etc etc and also trying to change my schooled brain that not all learning is paper, pens and exercise books, learning happens all the time, every minute, every day not just the academic learning of school. There is a process called “de-schooling” where no formal teaching occurs for a period of time, its like unwinding the brain from the school way of learning( ie teacher talking and the child obeying) to the relaxed child led way of learning ( although we do have some structured learning, more for me then Oliver) so we are just starting out finding our feet, making some mistakes but totally enjoying the freedom we now have and all the new people and places we have met and been, I’m sure we will have really positive days and some negative ones ….that’s life in general though.