Baby Freddie, Laos and coming home

So I’m now officially a grandmother (hehehehehehehehee) to a lovely, gorgeous little man Freddie, born on 13/10/2014, i missed the birth by one day, but hey all went well in the end and he arrived safe and sound. Georgia and Simon are doing well and it was great spending the full 3 weeks i was back with them. I had a bit of a drama coming back delayed flight/lost bags etc etc but all ended fine and we went off to Laos the day after getting back.
We spent a beautiful 2 days cruising down the Mekong River, going from Chiang Khong in Thailand all the way down to the beautiful Laos town of Luang Prabang……..Laos is stunning, relaxing to the point of being comatose, and on the main part pretty easy to travel around. I had read some horror stories of the bus trips travelling through Laos (they have no train system, and the roads are pretty basic)and one of the main trips with the most problems i’d read was the bus from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng (where we are now), maniac drivers, travel sickness prone roads,or no roads at all…… we loved it, it really was a beautiful journey through stunning karst system mountains, little villages and tiny dust roads…it was truly beautiful and never felt un-safe or un-well at all, i guess it depends on the driver of the bus on how well your journey goes but for us all was well and good. We are in Vang Vieng, a little town in the Laos countryside, and all i can say is we have taken relaxation to a new, unexplored level OMG……we gonna have a shock when we get back to the Uk :). I love Thailand its funky, happy,easy-going, pretty westernised, but Laos is something else, i can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s definitely my favourite place I’ve ever visited on planet earth hahahaha…we’re loving it….Oliver has a ton of friends here too he is out playing with them till late at night digging in the dirt, playing lego ,riding bikes and having a blast , we really are gonna find saying goodbye to Laos hard :(.
We are back in Thailand on the 3rd Dec for a couple of weeks then thats it…..thats our Eyre family adventure finished and done, but wow what a time we’ve had its been amazing, more then we ever thought it would be…
anyway this will be the last post whilst travelling but will hopefully feel like writing about how it feels to be back once we’re home anyway guys see you all soon ………..xxxxxxxxxxx ps got this one pic of Freddie and will leave it at that cause as usual up-loading pics on the wifi is hideous 🙂

Beautiful Freddie ;0 love that little face :)

Beautiful Freddie ;0 love that little face 🙂


Sorry i’ve not posted on here for a while….the blog’s been put on the back burner a bit , its not like i’ve not got the time to write hahaha, its just were not doing anything spectacular ;). Our days are filled with swimming, finding new places to eat ( my favourite activity), markets, parks, malls,temples, massages and school work 🙂 . We did have a little road trip/ fishing trip to a little mountain town on the border with Burma called Pai, we had such a good time ….. we even managed to catch pacu piranha and mekong catfish, Oliver loved it, it was so peaceful and the scenery through the mountains was gorgeous. I’m back for 3 weeks on the 14th yipeeeeee, cant wait Georgia is doing well she’s on maternity leave from work and relaxing, i just hope the little monkey waits until i’m back before making an appearance, i’ve told her to keep her legs crossed . When i return to Chiang Mai we have to leave for Laos the very next day as Dave and Oliver’s visa expire. We are booked on a 2 day cruise along the Mekong River,to Luang Prabang, where we will be staying for 7 nights, we shall explore a bit more of Laos before heading back in to Thailand for the last 2 weeks of our adventure, before returning to the UK on December 15th :).and lastly sorry there’s no bloody pictures again, the wifi here is fine for surfing, but downloading pictures is crap, so unfortunately I’m gonna have to bore the shit out of you guys with our ton of pictures and movies we’ve taken when i’m back hahahaha…..hope your all well…see you soon xxxx

loving Chiang mai

Hi guys hope your all well, we are fine we’re all still enjoying beautiful Thailand. We have been chilling, sight seeing,eating,drinking and being very merry :). Im looking forward to coming back on the 14th October for 3 weeks, the time has flown since coming out here,it only seems five minutes ago that we were saying our goodbyes to everyone, and to think its been just over 3 months, I’m really missing my Georgie porgie it will be so good to see her :). We have also just booked our flight from Bangkok to Oslo, but we’re not sure yet weather to fly straight to France, (we’re staying there for xmas) or coming back to UK for a few days and then going to France, it depends if George,Simon and baby are coming to France for xmas….will see 🙂
I will put some pics up soon, bloody internet is crap for up-loading photos xxxxxxx

Back to Bangkok and on to Chiang Mai

We returned back to Bangkok for 3 days, after a looonng journey from Malaysia. We visited, Wat Pho and the massive gold reclining budda, Wat Arun and the Grand Palace. I have read quite a few times that people just fly in then straight out of Bangkok, but we love it, its such a vibrant fun city, and we think it has a much nicer vibe than Kuala Lumpur and much nicer food too :).
We are now in Chiang Mai and hope to stay here for a couple of months. We have only been here a week and we have done so much, we have been to loads of great markets, seen ladyboys, muay thai fights and i went on a full day thai cooking course, which was awesome.I’ve also booked my flights back for 14/10 – 5/11 so i can be with Georgia when she has the baby, we were to-ing and fro-ing about all of us coming back for good in October but we have decided that we are enjoying ourselves and want to make the most of our time out here, we have given up a lot and have planned for this trip for years and although we all want to come back for Georgia, its just not financially possible but we do plan on coming back for good around mid December, so we shall be home for christmas yayyy. Anyway hope you guys are all good and look forward to catching up with everyone when im back in October xxxx mwah

Wat Pho....the reclining budda

Wat Pho….the reclining budda


another German friend his made on his travels

another German friend his made on his travels

Wat and Oliver climbed to the top, it was so steep

Wat Arun…me and Oliver climbed to the top, it was so steep

me and Oliver , on the train to Chiang Mai

me and Oliver , on the train to Chiang Mai

mmmm enjoying a cocktail or 2 :)

mmmm enjoying a cocktail or 2 🙂

Dave and Oliver with the ladyboy's hehehe

Dave and Oliver with the ladyboy’s hehehe



Baan Tai cooking class..was fab, i met so many lovely people

Baan Tai cooking class..was fab, i met so many lovely people

one of the many dishes i cooked, it tasted really nice as well

one of the many dishes i cooked, it tasted really nice as well

getting another massage....such a prince ..hahaha

getting another massage….such a prince ..hahaha

Johor Baru, Legoland and Batu Caves

We have spent so much time on trains, its a good job we all like train travel:) we travelled from KL down to Legoland in Johor Baru, in southern Malaysia, it was awesome, they have the regular Legoland and next door there is the Legoland water-park, it was so good,as it was a week day there was no queues or waiting around so we got on all the rides, some more then once, we also stayed at a hotel called KSL resort, it has the best swimming park i’ve ever seen, it has life size,moving dinosaurs, Oliver was one happy bunny :). We headed back to KL, we had a bit of drama getting our visas, we found out that the Thai visa laws had changed whilst we have been travelling, basically you cant do visa runs anymore, so we had to go back to Kuala Lumpur for 3 days to get it all sorted out. We went to Batu Caves,an old hindu temple/shrine,which is around 1/2 hr train trip from KL with and there’s around 300 steps going up into a cave,there were lots of monkeys around and they are not scared of humans at all and some were stealing peoples drinks and crisps, it was so funny 🙂 . We are back in Bangkok now for 3 days, we have had a 2 day epic train journey through Malaysia and southern Thailand to get here, and then we are off to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand on Monday…. phew, anyway just a quick post, will write some more when we settled in Chiang Mai hope you all ok, missing everyone loads…..xxxxxxxx





part of Legoland water-park, it has tons of slides and flumes :)

part of Legoland water-park, it has tons of slides and flumes 🙂

sorry will post some more pics in Chiang mai, bloody internet at hotel is crud 🙂

our awesome dino pool from out hotel window

our awesome dino pool from out hotel window





Kuala Lumpur

We got to KL early on Monday morning, after an overnight sleeper train from Hat Yai, in southern Thailand. I didn’t know much about Malaysia to be honest as we are just here to take Oliver to Legoland. We met a young Malay couple on the train who were so kind, they wrote down some Malay words to get us by, and some info on travelling around KL by public transport they even asked us to visit their town in Malaysia 🙂 .
Malaysia is a predominately Muslim country, and as you travel south down through Thailand into Malaysia, the Buddhist temples change to mosques and you see a lot more women with headscarfs,the houses seem more concrete then wood and because Malaysia is an old British colonial country the majority of Malays speak english as a 2nd language.
We headed to Chinatown and bloody hell the shopping is amazing, the Malaysian’s do love their shopping there are massive malls everywhere you go, we are thinking of sending a big box of goodies home :).
We visited the huge Petronas twin towers, we couldn’t get tickets to go up but went to the science centre that is attached to the huge mall underneath the towers, wow what a great morning, it cost us around £9 for all of us to get in. The science centre is really cool with lots of interactive displays and rides, and lots of educational information from environmental to space, to dinosaurs and countries, the place had everything, we were there around 3 hours but we rushed the last bit, you could easily spend the whole day there, there is a cafe half way round that is so cheap , we paid about 20p for coffee, we had to rush because we had booked afternoon tea, at the revolving 360 degrees restaurant at the top of the Menara tower. The Menara tower stands at 365 meters and you zoom up to the top in less then 50 seconds……wow what a view, although it is a bit unnerving being that high, Dave hated it lol. we bought tickets for afternoon tea to include the trip up to the observation deck, we had sandwiches,cakes,samosas, scones, tea,squash etc and cost about £26 for the 3 of us not bad considering The Shard in London costs that alone for one person.
We went to get our Thai visas sorted out at the Thai Embassy, we paid a rip-off cabby to get there, we didn’t know it but it was the Thai queens birthday and was bloody shut arrrggggghhh, this was one of the reasons for coming here, so we think we are going to go back to Thailand and get the free 30 day visa and probably go to Vientiene in Laos to get the longer 60 day visa. We are off to Johour Baru tomorrow for Legoland, its a city on the border of Singapore, it’s a 7 hour train journey and are staying just down the road from Legoland, where we are going to on Friday.
We are also going to decide this month whether we are all going to come back in October :(. Im booking flights back to be with Georgia and baby, she has her extra scan at the end of the month to make sure the placenta has moved and will find out if she can have a natural birth, and although we don’t want to end the adventure, we might be running a bit low on funds by that point, we have found we are crap at sticking to a budget :), we could stretch the cash until March, but thats living basic and not doing all the things we want to do 😦 so you might be seeing us sooner then planned 😉
Anyway guys hope your all good miss you all.

at the top eeeekkkk

at the top eeeekkkk

going into the petronas science centre, check out my barnet, scruffy cow :)

going into the petronas science centre, check out my barnet, scruffy cow 🙂

science centre fun

science centre fun

petronas twin towers

petronas twin towers


having afternoon tea at the top of the Menara very civilised lol

having afternoon tea at the top of the Menara tower…how very civilised lol

Saying goodbye to friends and our new place in Thong Sala

We have been staying at a place called First Villa, it is run by the most lovely lady called Bobo and her aunty, they have been so lovely to us, Oliver calls Bobo his Thai mummy :), it was so sad saying goodbye, heres Oliver with the beautiful Bobo below.


We also said goodbye to our lovely friends a Swiss/German family- Marcus, Gabby and their son Leon.


I have not posted for a bit because i’ve been ill with food poisoning….god damn Thai food, im fine now, but jesus was i ill, i was getting a bit blasé about eating street food, and was eating everything and anything lol and got unlucky, but all’s well now and i will be a bit more cautious in future.
We have moved to a place just up the road from First Villa, its in Thong Sala (the main town) called Lime n Soda and its great with nice pool,on the beach, nice staff and a good hut, it’s a bit of a party resort and they have a big shindig going on tonight, so no sleep for us :). We have been exploring the island today, visiting a Buddhist temple, and the largest yang tree in Thailand, we rode up into the mountains, the air was so cool and fresh, it was lovely. Anyway hope you guys are all ok, we only have 6 more nights on beautiful Phangan, and then we hit Malaysia…woop woop

Dave and Oliver synchronised bombers

Dave and Oliver synchronised bombers

our new home :)

our new home 🙂

making merit at the local buddhist temple

making merit at the local buddhist temple


Baan Tai and planning our Malaysian adventure

We have been in Baan Tai for a few days, just chilling, meeting other travellers and drinking beer :). We have also been going to The Big C, which is an air conditioned mall quite a bit too, Oliver has made friends with a Thai boy there, and they charge around the place playing whatever make believe game they are playing :), its so good to see how they play, they don’t speak a word of each others language but they play the same games and get on well…
Oliver’s been doing his school work everyday, and i’ve got to say his spelling, writing and maths are noticeably improving, which i’m really pleased about as we are only putting in about an hour per day, but that is everyday including saturdays and Sundays, the only day schools out is moving day :). I also think of all the things he is learning thats not recorded on paper or spoken out loud, all the sights,smells and experiences of each day, all the different people he is meeting and talking to from every corner of the world..its all learning and a lot of that learning could never ever be taught in school.
Im also looking at getting our train tickets to Kuala Lumpur, booking hotels and getting info on Legoland, we are only staying in Malaysia for around 2 weeks, to go to Legoland and to see the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. We might pop over to Singapore, as Legoland is literally on the border of Malaysia and Singapore, so all exciting stuff, but we don’t want to leave Ko Phangan …’s sooooo lovely anyone wanting to visit Thailand should head here…its gorgeous.





rainforest adventure

I had seen this 1 day tour advertised around the island, and another travelling family i’m in touch with done it when they were on Ko Phangan, and raved about it, so we booked it up. The full tour consists of a muay thai gym visit, Chinese temple, hike to a waterfall, snorkelling, archery,herbal sauna and spa, zip-lining and elephant trekking. We chose the option to not do zip-lining (Oliver was too small), and elephant trekking.
We got picked up at around 9.30 and drove too the start point where we met up with all the other guys going on the tour. We had coffee, water,fruit biscuits to help ourselves before we got going. We 1st headed to a Mauy Thai gym, which was awesome, Dave and Oliver got picked to spar with some bad ass Mauy Thai fighter…it was soooooo cool. Our guide we had was so funny and chatty and when we went to the Chinese temple, he discussed in length about Thai culture, it was really interesting, he talked about the respect Thais have for their parents, and how many young boys become monks to gain merit for themselves and family. We then visited a waterfall and then a great snorkelling site, then we were taken to the an area where they done the archery,zip-lining and elephant trekking. We saw 3 beautiful elephants, but i felt so sorry for them, their mahout were using the pick sticks to control them, they looked so sad. I bought some bananas to feed them, and can honestly say and i know it sounds corny , that it was one of the best experiences in my life, just to be so close to these big, beautiful creatures was amazing, and i cant wait to get to Chaing Mai to spend the day caring and looking after them in a much nicer environment, Oliver shit himself though when he got near to them hehehehehe.
We also had yummy Thai buffet, all the water,sprite,coke etc you can drink throughout the day, and the last thing we done was a herbal spa sauna which was a lovely way to end the day……awesome






Full Moon Party……

We were debating on whether or not to go to the party, we didn’t know how wild it was going to be and whether it’s suitable for kids…..anyway we went and wowwwwwwwza what an experience. We got to Haad Rin beach at around 6pm, it was still light and all along the beach they were setting up sound systems and bucket bars ( the young crowd drink from kids sand castle buckets with every different alcohol concoction under the sun). We found a beautiful bar high in the hills looking down on the beach, and watched as the 1000’s of people started to party,apparently there is an influx of around 20-30,000 people turn up for the few days each month to go the party. As the sun goes down the lights go on, the music gets louder, there’s fire shows and dancers doing there thing and the atmosphere is awesome. Oliver had his hair dyed blue, day-glo tattoo’s and some day-glo glasses, he was dancing around and enjoying all the attention he was getting …bloody show off that kid :). Dave even done the fire skipping rope where people run into the centre of a petrol soaked fire rope and skip until
A: they jump out successfully or
B: get the hairs on your ankles fried…..
Dave managed to get out without drama, which is weird cause if something is gonna happen it will happen to Dave lol.
We left around 8.45 as things started to get messy and we were happy and buzzing from the couple of hours we had….we’re pleased we went and experienced one of the biggest rave’s on the planet….